Sunday, 22 September 2013

How to make Windows 7 genuine through Command Prompt ?

 Hello friends, it was sad to know that the trick did not work well for most of you. Though it had worked well for me while trying Windows 7 Ultimate (x86), as you may see the snapshot below showing the command being successfully processed.

Meanwhile, please try out the following keys to activate Windows 7 and let me know if it works for you. Here are the keys:

  • C73KG-9TP8Y-36THD-6WJGJ-36Q2G
  • Q93D3-6CHGW-8C47B-4DV2P-K9DB3
The keys mentioned above are supposed to work well for at least Windows 7 Home Premium versions. But, let us know if it works (or not) for you.

Also, don't miss to try below trick in between. I am not removing the trick as it had worked for me in one go, and I still do hope someone lucky may benefit from it, for sure.

Please co-operate with us, till we find a better solution to this issue]


Hi friends, this time I am going to share a simple though useful trick to make Windows 7 genuine, by the help of Command Prompt. This trick is very useful for those who cannot afford a genuine copy of Windows 7 and handed-over a pirated copy of Windows by third parties, even sometimes virus attacks turns our ‘genuine’ Windows 7 to behave as an OEM or unregistered versions. Hope this post help those who are really in need of this.
Is your OEM/unregistered/pirated version of Windows 7 showing error messages?
Is your genuine Windows 7 showing error messages like “Windows is not Genuine” after a virus attack?

Don’t worry friends.. you need not to reinstall a fresh setup of Windows again and again. Just follow these simple steps being mentioned below to make your Windows 7 genuine with the help of Command Prompt:

1.       Press and hold Windows(Start) key and press ‘R’ on your keyboard
Simply press ‘Windows(Start)’ key and type ‘Run’ on the Search bar there>Click on ‘Run’ from the search results list.
(This will open a small Run program window as shown in the above picture)
2.       Type “CMD” (without quotes) in ‘Run’ box and click on OK.
3.       A new ‘Command Prompt’ window will open up.
In command prompt, type “SLMGR -REARM” (without quotes), and hit ‘Enter’.
Wait for 10 seconds.
Now, a message box will appear as shown in the screenshot below:
4.       Now simply ‘Restart’ your Computer/Laptop.
This time when you will turn ON your PC, your will not find that warning message as “Windows 7 is not genuine” anywhere.
Congrats, you’re done!
From now on, you will get rid of seeing all those irritating messages and limitations to even change a theme or wallpaper of your computer and lots of other features.
Note: Make sure you hit a space between SLMGR and -REARM with typing "SLMGR -REARM

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