Sunday, 22 September 2013

Google Now; Google to launch new Google homepage.


Google is soon going to make some new add-on and modifications in its Homepage. Now, users will be able to perform operations other than normal searches! This new featured homepage has been named as ‘Google Now’. Read more to know how it is different from the current Google homepage.

What is Google Now

Google Now is a smartly designed homepage that will collect the history and data of an individual user, and provide them search results based on their own priorities and interests. For instance, if you are a sports lover and usually come to Google for searching/reading on Cricket or any other sports, the ‘Google Now’ will now provide you more targeted search results for the stuff you search. It will provide you the latest scores of your favorite sports automatically. Also, this new homepage from Google will work as a news reader for you and will let you know all of the top and latest news about your search term and the most searched topics (by you) on homepage itself.

Google's logo

Not just that, ‘Google Now’ works as a fully packed GPS that tracks you place and location and lets you know about the temperature, latest/recent news ‘from your place’, the condition of traffic and shortcut ways/paths to dodge the traffic as well. You will be able to manually set your location, your office/home/current locations on Google Now, to make the best use of this featured all-in-one homepage.

Google Now is yet to come

The recent news from the Google’s ‘Google System’ says that their team is currently working on this smart homepage. Once, all the testing and examining of the new homepage will be done, Google will completely introduce its Google Now screen to the WWW. Google states, that the users will be able to use this feature on their Smartphone too.
While other search engines are doing their best to win the race, Google Now from is another example from Google that simply says, Google was, is and will be the winner always. Let’s see, how longer we need to wait before we start making use of Google Now and the smart features that it provides.

How to make Windows 7 genuine through Command Prompt ?

 Hello friends, it was sad to know that the trick did not work well for most of you. Though it had worked well for me while trying Windows 7 Ultimate (x86), as you may see the snapshot below showing the command being successfully processed.

Meanwhile, please try out the following keys to activate Windows 7 and let me know if it works for you. Here are the keys:

  • C73KG-9TP8Y-36THD-6WJGJ-36Q2G
  • Q93D3-6CHGW-8C47B-4DV2P-K9DB3
The keys mentioned above are supposed to work well for at least Windows 7 Home Premium versions. But, let us know if it works (or not) for you.

Also, don't miss to try below trick in between. I am not removing the trick as it had worked for me in one go, and I still do hope someone lucky may benefit from it, for sure.

Please co-operate with us, till we find a better solution to this issue]


Hi friends, this time I am going to share a simple though useful trick to make Windows 7 genuine, by the help of Command Prompt. This trick is very useful for those who cannot afford a genuine copy of Windows 7 and handed-over a pirated copy of Windows by third parties, even sometimes virus attacks turns our ‘genuine’ Windows 7 to behave as an OEM or unregistered versions. Hope this post help those who are really in need of this.
Is your OEM/unregistered/pirated version of Windows 7 showing error messages?
Is your genuine Windows 7 showing error messages like “Windows is not Genuine” after a virus attack?

Don’t worry friends.. you need not to reinstall a fresh setup of Windows again and again. Just follow these simple steps being mentioned below to make your Windows 7 genuine with the help of Command Prompt:

1.       Press and hold Windows(Start) key and press ‘R’ on your keyboard
Simply press ‘Windows(Start)’ key and type ‘Run’ on the Search bar there>Click on ‘Run’ from the search results list.
(This will open a small Run program window as shown in the above picture)
2.       Type “CMD” (without quotes) in ‘Run’ box and click on OK.
3.       A new ‘Command Prompt’ window will open up.
In command prompt, type “SLMGR -REARM” (without quotes), and hit ‘Enter’.
Wait for 10 seconds.
Now, a message box will appear as shown in the screenshot below:
4.       Now simply ‘Restart’ your Computer/Laptop.
This time when you will turn ON your PC, your will not find that warning message as “Windows 7 is not genuine” anywhere.
Congrats, you’re done!
From now on, you will get rid of seeing all those irritating messages and limitations to even change a theme or wallpaper of your computer and lots of other features.
Note: Make sure you hit a space between SLMGR and -REARM with typing "SLMGR -REARM